Camps and Workshops

Each month Potts N Paints has a series of Camps and workshops for kids and adults!

We offer educational workshops for:

Home school children 
Girl Scouts
Boy Scouts
Cub Scouts
Church groups
And Much more...

We have classes that range from a preschool emphasis on up to highshool curriculum.  

Topics include:
Mixing colors
Stamps and Stenciling
Lanscape art
Dot Art
Clay Art
Jewlery Making
Glass Making

And more...

Simply call us to set up a time that works for your group and we will develop a curriculum that fist your needs!

Click on the Battlefield Location to find out when you can take advantage of Potts N Paints infamous classes,camps and workshops!

Battlefield Boulevard 
in Chesapeake

trained instructors
friends and fun
snacks and education all rolled into one!!

Each camp is a new project!!